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Welcome to the official website for The British Foosball Association, established as a players' association tasked with making table football as popular in the UK and Ireland as it is all over the world.
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Rankings - Top 25

  1. Rob Atha
  2. Stephen Lyall
  3. Mike Amsden
  4. David Ziemann
  5. Andrew Nubbert
  6. Christopher Lyall
  7. Joe Hamilton
  8. Callum Oakes
  9. Matthew Warr
  10. Jonathan May
  11. Richard Marsh
  12. Alex Shovelton
  13. Sarah Brice
  14. Joe Bundy
  15. Tom Burdett
  16. Boris Atha
  17. Olga Lasecka
  18. Jody Walding
  19. Dave Bareham
  20. Tom Willetts
  21. Vito Migliore
  22. Jujhar Sohi
  23. Louise Herring
  24. Tich Degun
  25. Emily Knox
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